Gucci Clothing Hoodies Blue Green Red Embroidery Cotton Fabric Knitted Knitting Linen Hooded Top

Copy Gucci Clothing Hoodies Blue Green Red Embroidery Cotton Fabric Knitted Knitting Linen Hooded Top

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【GUCCI】 🌟🌟Gucci, GU webbing small embroidery set • hooded sweatshirt

⚠️Original purchase: ¥,000, green knitted cotton, red and blue striped webbing, flat stitch embroidery, fixed hood, with drawstring Shoulder shoulders, kangaroo pockets, ribbed piping

# Scale bottom brushed fabric
The fabric is made of 26S double yarn + 10S fleece base fabric, 380g; with 21S double yarn thread, 380g. The new type of pattern dyeing is made of double-sided brushed cotton. After brushing, the surface of the cotton fabric appears rich and fluffy; through the pinhole tufting process on the surface of the cloth, more fluff is produced. In addition, the color fixing process is added to create a strong three-dimensional effect, high gloss, and soft and thick touch.

#Imported embroidery thread plain embroidery technology
The same color embroidery on the front panel is designed based on the original size and size to restore the overall three-dimensional visual effect. Using linen embroidery thread combined with encrypted processing, the embroidery body has a subtle matte visual texture; the embroidery effect is three-dimensional and full. The embroidery is very fine, the stitches are dense, the fonts are clear and the lines and three-dimensional feel are strong.

#shoulder position with classic webbing
Both sides are made of jacquard fabric mixed with GU’s iconic red and green webbing; the webbing is custom-woven and dyed with clear and rich textures, and is shaped through a special washing process to avoid wrinkles in the finished product .

#Hooded drawstring sweatshirt pattern design
Composed of double-needle wiring, the drawstring can be adjusted to fix the hood, and the hooded sweatshirt pattern is not limited to shoulder width. Inserts are added to the shoulder seams to increase service life. The neckline, hem, and cuffs are all spliced ​​with double-needle threading. The body and sleeves are structurally segmented and quilted. The fabric material has high stretchability and no sense of restraint.

Size: XS-L

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